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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bible reading: Genesis 14: 13-24

February 20th
"Three characteristics"
Love is the most effective weapon to defeat evil, and the best extinguisher to extinguish the fire of jealousy and hatred. Love forgets offenses and never remains indifferent to the difficulties faced by undeserving brothers. Notice Lot's egoism and ingratitude towards Abraham: he separates himself from him, chooses the best part of the earth and then resides in a corrupt city. Anyone would have disdained before Lot's position, but Abraham remained calm and always ready to extend his friendly hand to his undeserving nephew. He goes to meet him to help him as soon as he hears the news of his misfortune and ruin, he jeopardizes his life to save that of his undeserving brother. Only a divine love in the heart can accomplish certain things. True love never says: "It's good for you! You wanted it! "On the contrary, love leads us to suffer with those who suffer covers multitudes of sins and spreads the hand in every time to raise the brother who falls. He who loves is a true disciple of Jesus and thus fulfills the divine law.
Abraham is called the father of faith. And it is precisely his faith that allows him to achieve an amazing victory over the enemies of Lot. Faith in God is the prerogative of success and triumph in every field. After the first victory, Abraham is about to face another more insidious battle: now he has to fight against the temptation of the devil who whispers that the booty is his, and is the king of Sodom who offers it to him on one condition. The evil one always leads us on the level of compromise, to make us then fall into the snare he has strained himself. Even to Jesus the tempter offered wealth and power as long as he fell prostrate to worship him. The apostle Paul urged them to guard against riches, because many of them who died fell into the snare of the devil.
Abraham, besides love and faith, knew how to preserve humility in success and triumph. It is difficult to remain humble even when everything seems to be going well and when the Lord manifests himself in our lives. Human pride and pride can not find a place in the heart that loves and knows how to appreciate others more than itself.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Bible reading: John 7: 25-35

February 19th
"Incredulous and Believers"
In this passage we note two different groups reported as in many episodes of the Gospels, a first who does not want to believe and another who believes.
"They tried to catch him, but no one put his hands on him, because his time had not yet come" (v. 30). In the crowd that followed Jesus, there were always those who saw His miracles, noted His works, listened to His divine message and yet continued to disbelieve in Him, such as Christ, the Son of God.
They not only did not believe in Him, but sought, as on this occasion to take Him, to put their hands on Him to do him harm by availing themselves of their law and tradition (verses 26:27).
A similar event happened in Nazareth here too Jesus had announced His origin by quoting the words of Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me for this He has anointed me to evangelize the poor, He has sent me to banish release to the prisoners, and to the blind recovery of sight, to set the oppressed in freedom, and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord ". Behold the crowd reacted: "And all on that occasion too, they were filled with wrath, and they chased him out of the city, leading him to the edge of the mountain ... to rush him down."
But His time did not come, Jesus was in the world to die for humanity, but His was supposed to be a voluntary death in the time established by God.
"... but many of the multitude believed in Him" ​​(v. 31). Thank God, however, that in the midst of so many enemies of truth there is always someone who is willing to accept Jesus and believe in Him. Many of this crowd in Jerusalem believed in Him and perhaps recognized Him and accepted Him as Christ, through His works and for His Word.
Even today there are unbelievers and believers. But perhaps each of us belongs to the group of believers who are willing, not only to believe in Jesus, but to welcome and serene Him. Thus only His word and His works will manifest themselves powerful in our life.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bible reading: Genesis 14: 1-12

February 18th
"Lot lived in Sodom"
Perhaps the text can escape the attention of a hasty reader, but it offers us a precious teaching for the edification of our souls.
Lot had been in question with Abraham because of his servants, hence their separation (chapter 13). So that Lot chose to plant his tents in the Sodom plain. This was an immoral city full of sin, and a symbol of the world of today, wicked and sinful. Lot choosing Sodoma had evaluated only what naturally seemed important. In this it resembles those believers who no longer place their faith in Christ, but move away from it for their own human interests.
We thank God that often He makes us understand that we are, like Lot, on a wrong path and takes us back to the right path.
Lot now "lived in Sodom" and this makes us reflect on the danger of his stay in this city. It reminds us that the children of light can not have communion with the children of darkness, without this leading to harmful consequences for our souls. However, it is not necessary to retire to a solitary home to sanctify us, but it is enough to live in society, without letting oneself be enticed by its enticing invitations, recalling the role we have in the world. Living in Sodom meant for Lot having lost intimacy with God, losing that living faith that the closeness and example of Abraham had produced in his heart. In the following episodes of his life, it will be noted that Lot will also lose the authority of the head of the family, and as this will certainly become a consequence of his residence in Sodom. God help us to always dwell with Him, not looking to the right or to the left. Let us draw close to Him to make those choices of faith that will turn us away from "Sodom", as did Abraham and the true believers of every age.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bible reading: John 7: 10-24

February 17th
"The mandate"
The words of Jesus express a reality sometimes forgotten by the believer: each of us is sent by God to announce the good news of salvation. All, through their personal testimony, cooperate in the extension of the Kingdom of God on earth, proclaiming it with different but equally useful tasks.
The one who is "sent" announces the will of the principal, with the purpose of giving glory to the person in question. So it is also for the believer to whom God entrusts the proclamation of the Gospel: he must act in such a way that the glory is ascribed to God. Jesus said: "... In order that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" (1).
Our efforts must therefore be directed towards a transformation of our human personality and at the same time towards the search for divine guidance so that our message may come from God.
The Holy Spirit will be for us an indispensable Master, letting him free to speak through us, we will reach the goal for which we have approached a soul that we wanted to evangelize. To do this it is necessary that we put aside our wisdom and our thoughts and instead ask God for light and discernment.
By preaching the whole Gospel and consecrating ourselves fully to Christ, there will be no doubt that glory will be given only to God, and it will happen to us as Stephen, who after preaching Christ, on the verge of death, saw the open sky and the " glory of God "and his judges while questioning him saw his face similar to that of an angel. He looked up to heaven, and the glory of God illuminated him and everyone saw his resplendent face.
Only a life lived in full consecration to God shows the world the glory of Christ. Lord help us so that we can show all your glory to you!

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