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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bible reading: John 4: 16-30

20 th January
"Wonder of Salvation"
Salvation is always the result of an encounter with Christ Jesus. No individual in the world can truly turn the page in his life unless he is confronted with his own sin and realizes all the anguishing greatness. This prodigious fact is realized only in the presence of Christ. Everything seems to us in order until he is interested in us; then there is nothing more that is truly in order in our soul. Jesus turning to the Samaritan woman asks: "Call your husband!" These few words are sufficient to reveal to the woman her situation of total disorder. This is the first and indispensable step without which it does not take off for salvation, but it is not the only experience to be done.
The Samaritan woman discovered in the unknown Jew who stood before him, a prophet: "I see you are a prophet!" The encounter with the Lord opens the door to His knowledge, here is the second indispensable experience to be done. To know Him, the Lord we have ignored, or even despised, to know Him enough so that everyone can conclude in a clear and precise way that He is our light.
The past is rejected in bulk. The woman declared: "Our fathers worshiped on this mountain". Tradition and conventions that have been valid for a long time are canceled with a stroke of the sponge by the living and powerful word of Christ: "You worship what you do not know". It is a discovery as painful as it is precious to learn that we have done everything wrong. Anguished by the awareness that we have been prey to darkness and error for so long; precious because we are finally put in touch with the truth.
The suspicion that the man she was standing in was more than a prophet. He said: "I know that the Messiah who has to come will announce everything to us. Jesus' reply was immediate: "I who speak to you are thick!" The woman then left her bucket and went to announce that she had found the Christ. Here then is salvation.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bible reading: Genesis 5: 18-32.

January 19th
"God took it"
Reading chapter 5 of Genesis, one can not help but notice the general consequence of sin on man. The words "lived and then died" are repeated often. Note, however, one exception: Enoch, verse 24 says: "And Enoch walked with God, then he disappeared because God took him". We see in him the experience of the Christian his only purpose was to please God, so he walked with Him and being in His company became His confidant learning many things that helped him to walk with more zeal and vigor. Before his translation, he had this testimony: "He liked God". His life was a continuous progress, in fact walking with God implies progress. He did not walk for a while and then stopped, but for 300 years he walked with God and could see the divine goal more clearly. Always in communion with his faithful friend, he moved away from the world and came closer and closer to heaven. He did not try to go alone to heaven, he walked with God knowing he could not do it alone, his eyes were always fixed on his traveling companion. The word: "disparve" implies that the neighbors looked for him but did not find it because God had taken it. The Church of Jesus Christ, like Enoch, will be removed from this evil world that surrounds it. Enoch was not left to see the judgment of God on the corrupt world, he did not see "the great sources of the abyss burst and the windows of heaven open", he was taken before these things happened, he stands before the believers as a wonderful figure , of those described by Paul the Apostle: "We will not all die, but we will all be changed in a moment, in the blink of an eye". Translation and not death was the hope of Enoch and this is the hope of believers, in fact we live on earth by serving God; "To await His Son from the heavens". It is beautiful to think that every day, Enoch and God, walked together for a long time, in precious company, who knows what they had to say. Perhaps one day, after walking longer than usual, God told Enoc: "Why do you want to go back to your house? Come with me". Thus, at 365 years of age, one year for each day of our year, God brought His servant directly home.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bible reading: John 4: 1-15

January 18th
"Give me a drink"
The fourth chapter of the gospel according to John continues to deal with the teaching of Jesus on the powerful life-giving work of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not use with the Samaritan woman, the same method used with Nicodemus to expose the truths concerning the new birth. Yet the problem of that woman encountered by Christ at Jacob's well was not different from that of Nicodemus: both of them needed a radical spiritual transformation that gave them new life. Jesus did not address the woman by repeating that phrase that on another occasion he had used with Nicodemus to put an end to every preamble: "You must be born again"; indeed he himself seems to be temporizing, turning around the subject as having no intention of treating him in the presence of Samaritans. His first expression is not to reveal reality: "GIVE ME TO DRINK". Having established contact with the unknown by discussing subjects close to her, Jesus can begin His work to induce it to recognize its own state and its own need for interior renewal. To produce all this, it must succeed in breaking down not indifferent barriers: those of nationality, those of prejudice, those of ignorance. A very difficult task, but that Christ was able to carry out by never trying to present the picture of his own corrupt life to the Samaritan woman, but rather by appealing to his sympathy, awakening his curiosity and giving it a sense of importance that positively disposed against his interlocutor. What a marvelous example for all those who wish to conquer souls for Christ! The tact and love of Jesus were powerful to open a passage in the heart of that woman allowing her to understand to receive the truth. Jesus does not treat everyone the same way according to an unchangeable and rigorous procedure that he or she observes how he or she can understand. And he who lowers himself and tries to make himself understood by the human creature. And now a question! Do we express the same delicacy, the same tact, the same tender interest of Christ when we evangelize?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bible reading: Genesis 5: 1-17

January 17th
"They lived and died"
The text speaks to us of births. and of dead. Only the earthly aspect of human life appears in it. The only difference is given by the forefather of humanity, Adam (born of the earth) who was directly created by God.
Someone wondered how old Adam was when he was created, we certainly do not know, even if the Jewish tradition speaks of thirty years, it is certain that from the Bible he appears to us in fullness of his spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical faculties. .
It is important to note that in verse 2 it is said that God "gave them the name of man in the day that they were created". So the Bible, with this statement, cancels all human theories of the appearance of man on earth. Man is not the result of various evolutionary studies, but was created directly by God. Furthermore, it is here specified that the term "man" is valid for human progeny.
The V. 3 is the only one who specifies: "he begot a son to his image and likeness ..." to remember that from our ancestor we have all received, as a result of his fall, a nature similar to his.
So much so that the patriarchs mentioned, as he lived and died, indeed, already the sign of the consequence of sin immediately appeared on them, they lived less than Adam.
The only one who will live more than Adam, will be Methushelah, more commonly known as Methuselah, and only because his life on earth must have been a sign for the human generation.
This list of names, so uninteresting, reminds us that human existence becomes unattractive because of sin, but thanked the Lord who sent the second "Adam" (1), Christ Jesus the Savior, the Liberator who with His sacrifice, annulling the error of the first Adam, "he has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel" (2)
1) 1 Corinthians 15:47
2) 2 Tim. 1:10.

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